I have had the unique opportunity to observe and work with Brent Wellings in the auction industry since 2010. Brent is incredibly well organized with an exceptional work ethic. He is a true problem solver that puts the client first. He understands his fiduciary duty to both sellers and buyers. His vast knowledge of how to maximize the sale land and commercial property makes him an asset to any client. Brent is a true professional and I would highly recommend him to anyone with a land to sell throughout the country.


Rick Miller, President/Auctioneer Fund Your Org

I am writing to express my deep appreciation for the outstanding result at the auction of South Canadian LLC’s properties in McClain County, Oklahoma.

The auction last summer was a total success. It exceeded all my expectations. The 2,100+ acres of farm and ranch land we sold had been in our family sine 1868, a period before statehood or even the Great Land Run of 1889. The sale was also the subject of intense litigation between family members who were skeptical – even hostile – to the auction process. Under such unusual circumstances, this was bound to be anything but an ordinary real estate transaction.

Yet Schrader Auction’s professionalism and hard work made this the most successful auction I have ever seen. The auction process yielded final sale prices well above the appraised value of the property. I was astonished at how well Schrader’s staff knew our land and its history. The auction itself was staged perfectly, giving a terrific final farewell to two magnificent pieces of land that had never been sold. The results of the auction caused any skeptical LLC members to eventually support the sale of the family farm.

I believe our ancestors who settled this great land would have been proud of how the auction went and the respectful way Schrader Auction conducted this momentous event in our family’s history. Thank you for a job well done! I am so glad I enlisted Schrader Auction to help write the final chapter of the Johnson family farm in Oklahoma. I will recommend your services to anyone seeking the best auction company to sell their land.


— James R. “Jimbo” Agar II, Colonel, US Army (Retired)

I just wanted to write and complement you and your colleagues for the manner in which you auctioned off the 440 acres of ranch land in Tulsa County, Oklahoma October of last year. As you know, the owners had used a different auction company several years ago when they sold a portion of the ranch that was under cultivation and their experience with that auction company was disappointing and not positive. As a result, they were hesitant to accept my recommendation that they conduct an auction of essentially the rest of the ranch using your firm.

Our experience with your firm was positive from the negotiation of the brokerage agreement to the closing of the last sale. The following are just some points I want to make about working with your company and its representatives.

  1. Negotiating a mutually acceptable brokerage agreement and the way the property was to be auctioned (number and size of parcels) with Brent Wellings was concluded in short order.
  2. You submitted a proposed marketing plan which was very detailed and were willing to negotiate changes to that plan in consultation with the owners that resulted in some savings to the owners. It Was clear that Brent Wellings knew what he was talking about with respect to all aspects of the proposed plan and particularly advertising on internet sites.
  3. Brent periodically emailed me and the owners providing an update as to how the marketing plan was going, how many potential bidders had been taken to the site, and so forth. He also emailed me and the owners a photo of the billboard on which the auction would be advertised.
  4. As the miners were to be sold with the property, Brent Wellings wisely suggested that the owners retain a land man to confirm their sole ownership of the mineral rights and thus dispel any concern potential bidders might have.
  5. Both Brent and Earl Tison, your general counsel, were of great help in negotiating the purchase contract and addendum that the successful bidders would be expected to sign. Earl was professional and very easy to work with.
  6. Brent Wellings discovered a potential access issue with respect to one parcel and on behalf of the owners promptly filed a request for a variance with the appropriate county authority. He also appeared at the hearing on that request with one of the owners and successfully argued the case for the owners.
  7. It was clear from the number of bidders who showed at the auction that your associates had done a great job of advertising the auction and getting bidders to show at the auction.
  8. Finally, the process by which you auctioned the property at the auction was outstanding! The bids you were able to generate far exceeded what the owners and I thought would be realized as a result of the auction.


— Dick H. Woods, Attorney at Law